• Powerful tools for faster, smarter shipping

Insanely simple.

  • Simply select the services that you use (e.g. UPS® Ground, USPS® Priority Mail, etc). CleverShip figures out the best carrier, service, package type, and more for each individual order—just the way you want it, auto-magically.

    CleverShip will remember dimensions, weights, and other settings so that you don't have to.

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  • This page lists your pending shipments. In the blink of an eye, CleverShip will 1) validate addresses, 2) calculate the best rates, and 3) detect potential shipping errors. Automatically.

  • CleverShip takes care of it all, from entering in addresses and dimensions to calculating the best rate. But, if you need to edit anything, we've got you covered.

  • Generating labels in bulk is a snap. Choose your label type (1 label per page, 2 labels per page, or thermal printer), select any additional reference information (such as item names or SKU #s) that you want printed on your labels, and click Generate. CleverShip will take care of the rest.

  • CleverShip automatically confirms shipments and posts back tracking info to your sales channels.

  • It took about 34 seconds to go from that first page to this one. CleverShip is unbeatable when it comes to shipping automation. There are no messy shipping rules to configure—CleverShip's patent-pending Best Rates engine automatically calculates the best rate. It's so simple.

  • CleverShip can send personalized confirmations, making it look like you personally sent your customer a message thanking them for their purchase and sharing the tracking info. Now, that's fantastic customer service.

  • It's that easy. What about past shipments? You can easily search your entire shipping history, void labels, track shipments, view order info, and more with one click.

  • If you've got more than one person shipping, collaborate on shipments from anywhere, anytime.

Shipping doesn't have to take time.

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