Batch Print

Print and auto-confirm hundreds of orders at once.

Best Rates

Pick your carrier or let CleverShip calculate the most cost-effective one.


CleverShip automatically suggests better shipment methods.

Build Rapport

Automatically send personalized shipment confirmation emails to your customers.

Sticky labels

Thermal labels, standard printer paper, and adhesive label paper.


Edit addresses, carriers, everything, to the level of every order.

Manage Shipments

View past shipments and labels, request refunds, and more from one page.

Mobile Support

Process shipments on the go with your phone or tablet.


Teamwork. What one user edits is instantly visible on everyone else's screen.


Integrates with your Amazon and shipping carrier accounts.

Be Green

Save ink. CleverShip generates optimized labels.

Ship More

Less time on the computer, more time actually shipping out to your customers.

Shipping doesn't have to take time.

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